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08:29AM, Sun 26th January.

The Wood Beneath The World

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The Wood Beneath The World is an exciting winter project developed by Lord Whitney which has been realised through an immersive, interactive and visually stunning environment designed to encourage exploration, imagination and creativity. For decades a mysterious wood has been growing silently underneath Leeds Town Hall; the roots and trees have burst through the floors and walls…. and now it has taken over.

Passport developed an identity for the event to reflect the detailed concept and brief whereby the aesthetic needed to communicate a formal, official tone of voice but with a hint of magic, merging the location of the project in the city’s town hall, but also the mysterious woodland that lies below it. The identity and promotional materials are layered with subtle details and symbols born out of considerable research into trees and folklore, which mirrors the experience itself, where the more inquisitive the viewer is, the more they can discover.

The identity was applied in print across posters, flyers, programmes, tickets and invitations. The tickets were designed to be integrated into the event performance itself, requiring a stamp and to be clipped by one of the actors upon admission. The invitations were sent out to attract interest for the pre-launch press night which featured screen printed and foil-blocked sheets, hand-bound with sticks and golden thread, sealed in a hand-embossed envelope. We also designed a one-page scrolling parallax website that lands on a full-screen video background of the trailer. Finally, we created social media assests and digital content to promote the event, as well as a variery of set pieces from the research we’d gathered with Lord Whitney that were pinned onto the wall and referenced to by the actors during the performance.

The event takes place between 14th November and 24th December 2014, tickets are available via the website.

— 16/12/2014

Brand Identity, Creative Direction, Print

Lord Whitney (Creation & Production)
Rabbit Hole (Website Development)
Giles Smith (Trailer)