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16:50PM, Thu 27th February.


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Stories is a new, independent café in Oakwood, near Leeds which boasts artisan coffee, cold-pressed juice and a locally sourced menu all served in a beautiful, Scandinavian-inspired space. The ethos behind Stories is borne out of their belief that everyone has a story to tell and theirs is centred around the close connections they have with their meticulously curated suppliers.

Stories came to us requiring a suitable brand identity through which it could express the commitment to its specialist suppliers while also reflecting the Nordic influences on its products and interior styling. We started by designing a contemporary logotype with customised characters that double as simplified representations of people; the staff, customers and suppliers who create the stories. The dots in these characters also create a link to the identifiable style of Scandinavian typography. The identity also includes feature typography that uses delicate lines to join selected dots – which indicate, for example, the journey of ingredients from original source to café.

We wanted to ensure the notion of ‘everything has a story to tell’ continued to filter through into the print collateral. This was achieved by researching unconventional paper stocks that each have a unique backstory as they are produced from by-products of citrus fruits, grapes, leather and brewers’ grain. These substrates then naturally informed a colour palette of cool, pastel tones which were applied interchangeably across the stationery, menus and promotional collateral.

We also designed ultra-minimal juice bottles which contain cold-pressed juices that are made on site. The bottles are printed simply using only white ink and prominently feature the list of ingredients to reinforce the fact that nothing extra is added.

Finally, we worked in collaboration with Duke Studios to produce a fitting wall menu and custom holders for the table menus. These were made from birch plywood to match other fixtures and fittings on the premises, while the aesthetic of dots and joining lines materialised again in the form of brass rivets and elastic cord that fastened the menu sheets in place.

Designed by Passport: Printed menus, wall menu, duplexed business cards, letterheads, story cards, lunch vouchers, opening night invitations, loyalty cards, canvas bags, stickers, takeaway bags & cups, stamp.

— 18/08/2016

Brand Identity, Packaging, Print, Typography

Interior Photography by Helena Marie