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POHA is a start-up company providing a new living experience for young. innovative people in major cities across Europe. Known as co-living, their approach aims to foster a sharing, collaborative culture amongst like-minded residents which supports and enhances their lifestyles. With integrated technology plus a calendar of events and opportunities to complement the sleek accommodation, the result is a building that offers more than just a place to lay your head. POHA required a brand identity which visually communicates the services they offer but most importantly the clear ethos which will be instilled across their properties, beginning with the prototype location in Germany.

We began by creating a clean and contemporary logotype from a gently customised uppercase sans-serif which suitably reflects the efficient and seamless nature of the buildings and their attributes. The mark has been paired with a brand palette comprised of cool urban tones such as flint and khaki which are contrasted by a bold yellow and calm, neutral colours to create a friendly yet high-end appeal. The identity also features a set of custom illustrations created by Owen Pomery which help to portray a warm, personal quality through the delicate hand-rendered line work. This style of imagery delivers an honest tone of voice that communicates a genuine feel for the lifestyle on offer within POHA House and has been colourised using only shades from brand palette to ensure that all elements tie together neatly.

The identity has been applied across a range of corporate stationery that uses a paper range produced from recycled coffee cups to echo the green credentials of the company and includes business cards, letterheads, compliments cards and envelopes as well as promotional items such as invitations and a brochure. The print collateral includes luxe finishes of foil stamping and brand-coloured binding wires that add a high end feel and reflects the attention to detail found within POHA properties. Finally, the identity has been carried through to their online presence via a one-page scrolling website.

— 11/06/2019

Brand Identity, Print, Web Design

Illustrations by Owen D. Pomery
Web Development by Outpost Studio