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08:57AM, Sun 26th January.


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Poco is a new, independent Sicilian street food takeaway in Leeds, that offers a menu of traditional recipes which are made using quality ingredients imported directly from Italy and prepared by Sicilian chefs. They specialise in pizzas served ‘al taglio’ (by the slice), arancini, rotisserie chicken and cannoli which are complemented by a large range of delicious daily specials.

Poco came to us requiring a brand identity which suitably expresses the authentic Italian background that the establishment is rooted in, but also communicates with a largely young-professional and student target market. Sicilians are known for being amongst the most expressive of Italians, with much of their communicative language complemented by hand gestures. We developed the idea of a logo based upon one of these gestures which intends to deliver numerous meanings of; ‘delicious or just right’, ‘a little bit’ in a nod to the small plates and street food bites they serve, and also the eating of these different foods which is intended to be done with your hands.

The hand gesture logo is complemented with equally characterful, custom typography for the brand name that delivers a similarly expressive tone of voice while the wider layout and typography arrangements carry through touches of inspiration from quirky pizza box graphics found in old-school Italian takeaways. The brand colour palette features vivid Mediterranean tones such as ‘Blood Orange’, ‘Lemon Sorbet’ and ‘Oregano’ which are tempered with a neutral ‘Stucco’ inspired by the crumbling plaster facades of quaint Sicilian street scenes.

Alongside the core identity, we also designed print collateral of a menu, flyer and loyalty cards as well as takeaway packaging including food boxes, coffee cups, napkins, stickers and carrier bags. Finally, we designed the exterior signage plus window and door graphics and a fitting wall menu made from frosted green perspex with white vinyl lettering.

— 11/01/2019

Brand Identity, Packaging, Print

Helena Dolby (Interior Photography)