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21:36PM, Sat 19th October.

Passport Branding

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Founded by Jonathan Finch and Rosalind Stoughton in 2012, Passport is an independent branding and print design studio based in Leeds, UK, informed and influenced by certain destinations and international design culture.

We enjoy designing thoughtful and effective identities that aim to strike a balance between classic and contemporary aesthetics which we have demonstrated through our personal branding to help visualise our capabilities and expertise to potential clients. We achieved this through an orthodox typographic palette and layout style, applied through unusual combinations of colour onto a wide variety of substrates. Individual elements such as the use of personal travel photography, ink stamped stationery and hand bound goods provide finishing touches that allude to the level of detail and crafting that we pride our work upon.

— 26/10/2012

Brand Identity, Creative Direction, Print

The Print Project (Letterpress Stationery)