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17:53PM, Thu 27th February.

Open City Documentary Film Festival 2018

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Celebrating the art of non-fiction, Open City Documentary Film Festival creates an open space in London to nurture and champion the art of creative documentary and non-fiction filmmakers. The organisation aims to challenge and expand the idea of documentary in all its forms by providing a platform for emerging talent as well as established masters working within the documentary form. The festival takes place annually over seven days in venues across central London, and consists of international contemporary and retrospective non-fiction film, audio and cross media, as well as filmmaker Q&As, industry panels, workshops, networking and parties.

Open City required a refresh of the identity for the 2018 festival that could work alongside its existing logo and our aim was to visually reflect the fact that the organisation is an outlet for ‘bold storytelling and the poetic approach to communication of ideas’. To achieve this, we created free-flowing graphic assets from painted overlays and combined these with unconventional layouts which helped to achieve a literal visual link to film as ‘art form’. We also introduced a signature, vivid red, spot colour that was able to cut through the noise created by such a vast amount of differing imagery and become an easily recognisable element of the identity. The festival programme was a core piece of the print collateral which we designed to include a mirrored cover which served as an acknowledgement that documentaries in their strictest form reflect the experiences around you. These reflections helped to create a playful, interactive feel as the surface could create obscured or distorted imagery itself and thus provide talking points for attendees of the festival.

Alongside the visual identity, we also designed a new, fully responsive website, programme, flyers, posters, tickets, accreditation, adverts, social media graphics, merchandise and awards laurels.

— 28/02/2019

Event, Print, Web Design

Website Development by Outpost
Festival photography by Andrew Northrop, Udall Evans, Esther Zheng, Danielius Gedvilas & Hannah Binney