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04:51AM, Sun 19th January.

Impressions Gallery: The Bigger Picture

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The Bigger Picture is a celebration of the story of Impressions Gallery in Bradford, covering its work and achievements since its founding in 1972. Impressions Gallery has played a crucial part in the promotion and understanding of photography in Britain and beyond, thus gaining it an international reputation for innovation and excellence. Passport designed the book to coincide with their 40th anniversary that needed to reflect the past, present and future of the gallery. The book comprises multiple paper stocks and page sizes — notably fold-out sections that display facts and figures as well as a gloss section that details key photographic pieces from exhibitions across the years. The cover utilises a Trish Morrissey photograph that, appropriately, shows the practice in action, while the half cover obscures part of the image which when lifted helps to reveal ‘The Bigger Picture’.

— 12/05/2015

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