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04:57AM, Sun 19th January.

Gareth Edwards

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Gareth Edwards is an emerging furniture maker that produces unique designs which blur the boundary between fine art and practical furniture. He needed a professional portfolio with which to showcase his growing collection of work. We produced a book that aimed to reflect his personal practice through being unconventional in its format while remaining functional.

To mirror his bold aesthetic, we stuck to a strong monochrome palette featuring gloss black foil, black binding screws, heavy black image outlines and oversized typography. These elements provide a contrast against the clean and minimal layout style that allows the dramatic furniture pieces to remain the centre of attention.

Fully recycled paper stocks are used throughout the portfolio, including the matte black, wood-flecked cover which subtly alludes to the materials that Gareth works with. The half-cover helps to create further intrigue for the reader, and this page format then continues throughout the book detailing the background and technical information regarding each furniture piece. Functionality comes through the flexible nature of the binding screws, allowing for new projects to be inserted and removed as required, while subtly alluding to the fixings that hold his furniture together.

— 09/05/2014

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