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17:53PM, Thu 27th February.

Friends of Ham

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Friends of Ham is a bar and charcuterie based in Leeds that serves the finest continental meats and cheeses alongside a vast selection of independent craft ales which has led to the venue quickly gaining a loyal following. They recently expanded their premises and during this period they came to us for Christmas brochures, posters and a redesign of their menus in time for the reopening. For the menus, we created a large format sheet that on one side details the food they serve and on the reverse shows the various ales which are served on tap. The reverse utlilises a grid based system of organising information and gives room for three ales to be listed against each tap number — once the first ale has ran dry, it is stamped off and they move onto the next one. A smaller menu features the rest of the drinks on offer as well as a takeaway menu in the back and is fastened into the existing laser etched leather holders. The brochures continue this grid based aesthetic of the menus, featuring a half cover and perforated order form.

— 20/11/2014

Editorial, Print, Typography

Justin Slee - Bar Photography