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07:56AM, Sun 26th January.


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Food& is a collaborative project established in Summer 2013 to set up a new culinary resource and online food journal. The website documents and promotes food-based stories, creating an international platform that allows talented individuals, creatives, cooks and makers to collaborate and share their skills and stories with the world.

As co-founders of the project, Passport have developed the brand identity, designed the website, created a range of printed promotional material and worked on the creative direction of a launch event. The branding uses interlocking letterforms to subtly communicate a sense of sharing and collaboration whilst the line that follows the ampersand simply indicates that the project is about more than food…. but also photography, stories, gatherings.

— 26/09/2013

Brand Identity, Creative Direction, Event, Web Design

Liz Ibbottson (Recipe Book Illustrations)
Lord Whitney (Launch Event Creative Direction & Styling)
Food& (Launch Event Creative Direction)
Victoria Harley (Launch Event Photography)
Refresh Interactive (Web Development)