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Dryp is quite literally the hottest new yoga and fitness centre in Dubai, offering traditional hot yoga and hot fitness classes that have the power to transform you. They are proud to welcome everyone, regardless of age, fitness or flexibility levels. They don’t judge, don’t preach and don’t take themselves too seriously and Dryp approached us to create a full brand identity, accompanying collateral and online presence that communicates this distinctive personality behind the studio and approach to fitness.

In collaboration with illustrator Pom Lette, we created a visual identity comprising a full set of playful, quirky characters, confident oversized typography plus a fun and bold application of colour.  We began by designing a contemporary, minimalist logotype incorporating the exaggerated descenders of certain letterforms that subtly refer to the notion of ‘dripping sweat’. Then, by introducing the illustrated characters we started to build a warm, welcoming and inclusive feeling to the brand. The imagery also fulfilled a useful purpose by demonstrating specific poses from the classes that they offer to hint at what is involved.

The identity has been applied across a range of corporate stationery and promotional materials which include, business cards, invitations, posters and brochures. We also created a website, interior graphics and exterior signage as well as a range of branded packaging for their deliciously healthy and 100% natural juices and smoothies which are made in-house.

Character & yoga accessories illustrations by Pom Lette
Juice bottles & coconut illustrations by Passport

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— 09/04/2018

Brand Identity, Illustration, Packaging, Print, Web Design